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Your One-Stop Game Day Plan

By February 1, 2018 American Cheese No Comments
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Are You Reading for Some Eating?

From Cheese+Salumi to Dips+Salsa, We’ve Got Ya!

Game day is almost here.  Did you know that Super Bowl is the second-largest U.S. food consumption day after Thanksgiving?  Are you hosting a party or attending one? You can score a (food) touchdown with a Cheese+Provisions Cheese+Salumi tray.  (Just give us a call or order online.)  But we’ve got more than just artisan cheese and salumi.  Think chips, dips, nuts and more.


Just because the Broncos aren’t in the big game, that doesn’t mean you can’t snack Colorado Proud!  Our favorite local party foods include:

  • Yai’s Thai Medium and Hot Thai Salsa.  Think salsa with Thai flavors.
  • Saso Pepper Company Roasted Hatch Verde Salsa and Roasted Hatch Roja Salsa
  • For you favorite vegan: Let They Food: Cheddar and Bacon Dip, Spinach and Artichoke Dip and con Queso Dip.  Don’t let the vegan fool you. Even without cheese, these are delicious!
  • Real Dill Blood Mary Mix.  Best. Bloody Mix. Period.

But, Wait, There’s More. 

We have other delicious party foods that we’ve hand-curated through visits to the Fancy Food Show and personal relationships with some of our favorite food producers in the U.S.  Worthy additions to your Super Bowl buffet include:

  • Meatballs! We don’t have the meat, but we have an amazing “Old School Meatball Sauce”
  • Dips:  Hatch Chili and Bacon Ranch Dip, French Onion and Goat Cheese Dip, Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Dip and more.
  • Nuts:  Get your bacon on with Bacon and Cheddar Peanuts.  Or take a walk on the spicy side with Thai-flavored peanuts.
    • Cocktails: Wow your guests with our Cocktail Crate mixers: Apple Cider Old Fashioned, Spiced Old Fashioned, Maple Whisky Sour, Ginger Bee.  We also have Be-Mixed all-natural zero calorie cocktail mixers. They’ve been written up in the NY Times, Forbes, People and many more and we’re the only shop in Colorado to carry them.
  • Pickles:  Great on their own or on a salumi platter.  We have artisan pickled carrots, okra, cauliflower.  Plus spiced straight up pickle flavors from the Real Dill (CO!) or Paprika Dilly Beans from (also local) The Good Jar.

Did You Know?

Looking for a way to entertain your guests before the big game?  Here’s a fun Bronco’s Trivia Game.   OR if that’s too close to the heart since our team isn’t in the game this year, here’s are some fun facts you can throw out as you chow down:

  • Americans consume 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday, enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool almost 2,000 times.  May we suggest a growler (or many) of Colorado craft beer. We’ll also eat 1.3 billion wings during the game (162.5.million pounds worth).
  • No network footage exists of Super Bowl I. Apparently it was taped over for a soap opera.
  • At every Super Bowl, two Lombardi trophies are present in the unfortunate event that one is accidentally destroyed in the celebrations.
  • The name ‘Super Bowl’ came from AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt. He had jokingly referred to the proposed interleague championship as the “Super Bowl” after seeing his daughter playing with a toy called a Super Ball. The ball is now on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
  • Mike Ditka and Tom Flores are the only two men to win a Super Bowl both as a player and a coach.