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Champagne Friendly Case

Cheese Loves Bubbles

Pairing bubbly with cheese is one of life’s great pleasures.  Want to go the extra mile?  Throw in some charcuterie and add some chocolate!

Unlike red and white wines, which want specific cheese pairings, there are very few cheeses that don’t go with champagne.  Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Triple Creme Cheeses

Champagne Cheese 2Rich, buttery triple cremes are the classic champagne cheese.  The refreshing bubbles balance the ultra-rich cheese (and leave your palate ready for more).  Try Delice de Borgougne or Mt. Tam.

Holiday Seasonal Cheeses

There are two seasonal cheeses that just say Christmas and New Year’s Eve to us!  They are only available in the winter months, and we don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are even more delicious with champagne.  Rush Creek Reserve is a cult-status cheese that tastes like warm butter with a brie rind.  We have a SMALL allocation directly from the cheesemaker (pre-orders accepted).

Harbison, voted best cheese from America two years running at the World Cheese Awards, in another find choice.  This spoonable, soft-ripened cheese pairs beautifully with sparkling wine.

Truffle Cheeses 

What says ‘New Year’s’ more than champagne and truffles?  We suggest Truffle Tremor.   It’s the perfectly balanced marriage of ripened goat cheese jam-packed with Italian black summer truffles.

We also love Sottocenere al Tartfuo, an Italian ash-rinded cheese with actual truffles in the milk.  Moliterno al Tartufo is a visual stunner.  It’s a moderately sharp sheep’s milk cheese with a pretty intense truffle flavor.

Alpine Cheeses

Champagne Cheese 5Champagne highlights the sweet, nutty flavors of these hearty mountain cheeses.   One favorite pairing is Pleasant Ridge Reservewhich is also the most awarded cheese in American history.  Our other top pick is Challerhocker.  Imported from Switzerland, it’s  washed in wine and spices and aged for a minimum of 10 months to provide a really complex and yummy flavor.

Blue Cheese

A sweeter champagne is a great contrast with a blue cheese—think salty and sweet.  Stick with the creamier and milder blues, like Stilton or Bayley Hazen Blue, also from Vermont).  But be careful, too strong a blue will overwhelm the sparkler.

Another one we love is the holiday seasonal Rogue River Blue, a very special blue that is wrapped in Sryah grape leaves that have been macerated in a local pear brandy.  It was voted the world’s best blue cheese two years in a row at the World Cheese Awards.

Parmigiano Reggiano

After triple cremes, this might be the ultimate champagne pairing.  Umami meets umami.


Want to make your own pairing?  Match your cheese and sparkling wine based on similarities.  In general, the stronger the cheese, the more powerful a champagne you need.  Pair a lighter, fruity cheese with a rose sparkler, but a mature alpine with an older champagne.

Order a NYE Cheese Tray

4 piece platter 1Impress your guests on New Year’s eve with an artisan cheese and salumi tray designed specifically to pair with champagne.  

We’ll hand select some of our favorite cheeses that stand out when paired with cheese and we can customize based on your preferences – extra blue cheese, no blue cheese, you name it.

Or let us do the work for you. You can order onlineor give us a call (303/455-2221) and with 24-hours notice we can do a custom tray for you.  The deadline for ordering a tray for NYE is 5 pm on Saturday, December 30.