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The Most Unique Things To Do On A Trip To Denver

By March 7, 2017 Uncategorized No Comments

Are You New to Denver? 

Guest Post by Catherine Workman

Most people think of Denver as one of the best places in the country for an outdoors enthusiast to visit, but you don’t have to be an outdoor warrior to appreciate Denver.  The scenery, great food, sports, and unique attractions pull in visitors from all over, making it a wonderful place to visit and meet new people.

For those who like to try new things, Denver is one big playground. From biking all over the city to experiencing an isolation tank, this city is the place to go when you’re looking for a unique destination. Here are a few of the best things to do when you’re in the Mile-High City.

Try a float-tank

Denver is full of float-tank enthusiasts who enjoy the sensation of weightlessness in an isolated environment. The Denver Flotation Center will help you along the way during this experience, in which you’ll float in a warm bath of salt water and learn to de-stress.

Wynkoop Brewery

If you enjoy beer and are feeling brave, check out this brewery, which makes a drink called the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout made with–you guessed it–Rocky Mountain oysters. You’ll leave with bragging rights, for sure.

Tree climbing

This ain’t a backyard maple climb; Tree Climbing Colorado takes the most adventurous travelers and helps them get harnessed to climb some of the tallest and most foreboding trees around. If you don’t have a fear of heights, check it out.

Haunted tours

Every city has areas that are said to hold the restless spirits of former residents, but in Denver you can visit an entire haunted park. Cheesman Park is reportedly built on the desecrated graves of 5,000 people and is the site of many mysterious happenings.

Exotic bites

Biker Jim’s serves up hot dogs, but they aren’t the ones you find at the ballpark; choose from Alaskan reindeer dogs, rattlesnake dogs, and even a jackalope dog.

Embrace your macabre side

Ever wanted to dine inside a mortuary? Most people haven’t, but Linger will make you glad you did. This unique eatery embraces the dark side with morbid touches inside the restaurant, which used to be a historic temporary home for the dead.

Step back through time

Williams & Graham looks like a tiny bookstore from the outside, but those who are in the know can sneak through a secret passage behind a bookshelf to find a Prohibition-era style bar on the other side, a hidden place to enjoy a drink and pretend you’re hiding from the coppers while you do it.

Test your luck

Just thirty minutes from Denver lies nearly all the fun and excitement that Vegas has to offer, just in a smaller package. Try your hand at blackjack in Blackhawk and Central City, or check out the slot machines and dine on endless buffets.