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Shelburne Farms Clothbound Cheddar + Truffle Hunter Barbera

Shelburne Clothbound Cheddar +Barbera

Clothbound Cheddar + Hunter Barbera

Shelburne Clothbound Cheddar +Barbera

Shelburne Clothbound Cheddar +Barbera

The Cheese: Vermont makes a lot of great Cheddars, but one of our favorites is the clothbound cheddar that Shelburne Farms makes using raw milk from their herd of 120 Brown Swiss cows.

It’s a bit drier than other Cheddars—almost crumbly—with an aroma, flavor, and texture that may remind you of the very best Parmigiano.  We love ending a meal with it, especially when we still have a few sips of wine our glass.

The Wine: Truffle Hunter Barbera d’Asti from Italy’s Piedmont region.  Sure, you can spend $50 or more on a bottle of Barbera, but this inexpensive bottle is the food-friendly style that originally put Barbera on the map.

This ruby red wine is an easy sipper.  It’s full of plum and berry flavors, with silky tannins.  We think its approachability says “early fall,” without the weight of a heavy “winter” wine

Why it works: This wine was meant for Italian foods, and since Shelburne Clothbound reminds us of a good Parmigiano, we think it’s a great match. The wine’s jammy plummy fruit and low tannins pair well with the fruity, nutty flavors of the cheese.