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Rush Creek is Here! How We’re Eating It.

Rush Creek Reserve

Best Way to Eat Rush Creek Reserve

Spoonable Rush Creek Reserve

Spoonable Rush Creek Reserve

Rush Creek Reserve is the ultimate holiday cheese.  This delicious ooey-gooey stunner from Uplands Cheese is made in small quantities and is only available a couple months of the year, starting in November.  It’s spectacular in both taste and presentation.

We’re delighted to be the only shop in Denver getting an allotment of this special cheese directly from the cheesemaker.  Previously, we wrote about why this cheese is so special.   Now that it’s in the case, we want to talk about how to eat it.

However you’re going to eat it, you want to start by removing the top rind.  Cut around its perimeter and peel it off to expose the soft, silky cheese.  (Don’t throw that rind away though.  It’s also delicious and should be tasted along with the cheese since it adds even more flavor and texture to the cheese.)

From there, you can go the traditional route and spoon it onto bread or crackers.  Here are a few more options and pairings.

On potatoes: Roast some fingerling potatoes and drizzle the cheese on them or dip the potatoes into the cheese.

Tartine Bread + Rush Creek Reserve--Two Food World Icons

Tartine Bread + Rush Creek Reserve–Two Food World Icons


On root vegetables: A mix of any root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, onions and leeks will do. Roast the vegetables and drizzle with the cheese or dip them in it.

As a warm spread: Cut a couple of slits in the top of the rind, drizzle in a little wine (Riesling is a good choice), wrap it in tinfoil and put in a 200-degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes, then open and serve.

With a spoon: This is the ice cream of cheese. We like to cut the top off and eat it one spoon at a time like it’s a pint of Haagen- Dazs.

Pair with something tart: The cheese is so rich that it needs something acidic to balance it.  A dry white wine or a pickle are great accompaniments.