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Recipe for a Snowy April Day

By April 30, 2016 Cheese Knowledge No Comments

WinePairingWe’re one day away from May and yet here we sit watching the snow flakes come down.  We’ll be honest.  We’re ready for Spring to arrive – and stay!

But since Mother Nature has other plans, we’re offering our suggestion for turning lemons into lemonade and having a cozy, warm day inside.  Use it as an excuse to light a fire and try one of our favorite cheese and wine pairings.

Appenzeller + Arndorfer’s Vorgeschmack

The Cheese: One of our very favorite Alpine cheeses. Made by 52 local cheese dairies in Switzerland following old, artisan tradition. It’s called an alpine because the cows who provide the milk for it graze in high meadows in the mountains.  The unique combinations of grasses and wild flowers they eat transfers flavor into the milk.

Appenzeller relies on one more secret weapon to create its nutty, spicy flavor – an herbal brine.  During its six-month aging period each cheese wheel is rubbed with this very special brine at regular intervals.  The strictest secrecy of this brine is jealously guarded. Only two people know the recipe. 

The Wine: When snacking on Appenzeller, we opt for an easy drinking, light bodied red: Arndorfer’s Vorgeschmack. It’s made next door to Switzerland, in Austria, so there’s that magic element of ‘terroir’ at play. In other words “What grows together goes together.” Vorgeschmack is an organic blend of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt‑Austria’s closest indigenous varietal to Pinot. This wine is brimming with delicious red fruit notes and bright acidity, plus ‘Vorgeschmack’ means appetizer. How fitting!

Bonus: Another use for Alpenzeller – make these yummy Appenzeller Cheese Crisps. Or go all out and make a tummy warming Appenzeller Fondue. 

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