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Raw Milk Cheese at Risk?

By August 15, 2015 Raw Milk No Comments
IMG_9386Noted author Janet Fletcher has a great article summing up the current threat to raw milk cheese in America.
In short, the FDA has set its sights on raw milk, and most cheesemakers agree that its efforts are misdirected.  And if they continue this pursuit, hen some of America’s best cheeses will disappear.
If you love raw milk cheeses, and we do believe that raw milk makes superior cheeses, then you should read Janet’s article and let policymakers know that we all support keeping the public safe, but their current proposal won’t improve public health because they are measuring the wrong thing.
Want to learn more about why we love raw milk cheese? Read our earlier post “In Praise of Raw Milk Cheese
Photo: Elsa Mae, a raw milk washed rind cheese from Calkins Creamery.

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