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Meet Brayden

By September 8, 2017 Uncategorized No Comments
Brayden Copley

Brayden CopleySay hello to Brayden. He’s the newest face here at Cheese+Provisions. Though he may be new to the store, he isn’t new to the cheese counter. Brayden has been a cheesemonger for the last 10 years or so, with a few other fun things thrown in for good measure. But all that cheese experience means you can trust his recommendations when you come into the shop.

More importantly, he has has been involved in the food industry most of his working life.  In other words, he fits right in here because he’s as obsessed with food as we are.  He has been involved in the food industry most of his working life, ever since he started as a short order cook at a truck stop along I-80 in Wyoming.  And he’s working on a cookbook to help people get started in the kitchen as easily as possible. After 25 years of working in kitchens, he has a wealth of practical knowledge about food and is always happy to share it.

While you may find Brayden behind the case, for the most part he will be out and about offering Cheese+Provisions dairy yummy-ness to businesses and restaurants.  We spend a lot of time bringing new cheeses to Denver and we want to share them beyond our four walls.

If you need a beautiful cheese tray for your next corporate event, want to put some hard-to-get cheeses on your menu or are looking for some cheese love at your festival, reach out to Brayden at brayden@cheeseandprovisions.com.  And if you see him at a fun event this fall, be sure to say hi!

Besides helping out in the shop, Brayden will be helping us to expand our catering offerings to business, and the community in the coming months and years. Let him know if you need some of our beautiful trays for your next corporate event, and if you see our booth at a festival in your neighborhood, be sure to stop by, say hello, and try some cheese.

When Brayden isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends over a good meal, coming up with new cocktail recipes, throwing dinner parties, learning how to fly remote controlled aircraft, or just trying out something because he hasn’t done it before. Always learning, always curious and always cooking.