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Holiday Wine+Cheese Pairing #5

By November 10, 2016 Parings, Wine No Comments
Classic Stilton with Ruby Port poured over it. Delicious!

Stilton + Niepoort Ruby Porter

Classic Stilton with Ruby Port poured over it. Delicious!

Classic Stilton with Ruby Port poured over it. Delicious!

THE CHEESE: Stilton is one of the best known and loved British cheeses, and it’s a holiday classic.  Enough so that we make sure we carry Stilton during the holiday season because even American cheese lovers expect to be able to get Stilton during the holidays.

It’s a blue cheese, and only six dairies in the world (all in England of course) are licensed to make it.  Like all European protected cheeses, there is a committee that examines every wheel determine whether it’s good enough to earn the Stilton name.  By the way, the first reference to stilton actually occurs in 1722!

Traditionally, this cheese has been paired with sherry and port wine so we like to pour port over the cheese.  It’s a delicious and impressive display technique you can use.  Want to go one step further?  Here’s a recipe for classic Potted Christmas Stilton.

THE WINE: Five generations of the Nieport family have been making wine in Portugal since 1842. The current family leader, Dirk Niepoort is considered one of the legends of the Portuguese wine scene.  But he isn’t rooted only in old word traditions.

Niepoort’s mission is to maintain its position of “niche player,” continuing to produce distinctive ports that combine those centuries-old traditions with innovation. He is on a mission to break down Port’s serious stereotype one bottle at a time.

This wine is an example of that.  Niepoort Ruby is fresh, young and fruity. An expressive Port with great character. It’s an ideal pair with cheese. And we suggest pairing in the most classic holiday options of all.

Put a wedge or slice of stilton on a plate and pour some Nieport Ruby Port on top of it.  It will be a crowd pleaser both in terms of presentation and taste.  Enjoy!

THE PAIRING: This is a holiday classic.  The stone fruit flavors of the port plays a contrasting role to the blue bite of the cheese, and the sweetness of each is complimentary.