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Happy Cheese Lover’s Day!

By January 20, 2018 American Cheese No Comments

CHEESE + PROVISIONSJanuary can be considered “the Monday of months” The indulgent holiday season is over and has been replaced with the season of resolutions, most of which involve less fun, not more.

Good news, though.  First, the holiday season isn’t completely over.  We might argue that one of the best “holidays” of the year happens today – It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day!

Second, if your New Year’s resolutions included getting healthy, you don’t have to give up cheese. Quite the opposite.  There are good reasons to make cheese PART of your 2018 resolution(s).

This article explains why it’s on our resolution list: How to lose weight with the cheese diet.  We have a longer blog post on all seven reasons cheese is healthy.

Either way, we recommend that you get your cheese on and enjoy the day!