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Grand Opening: December 15

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What began as an idea and a dream 18 months ago will become a reality on December 15 when Cheese+Provisions officially opens its door.

It’s two months later than we’d hoped (although whenever we told people that we’d be opening on October 15, they would respond, “so you’re opening December 15.”)

Turns out they were right.  But that extra time also meant we had to more time to curate the exact collection of products we wanted in the store.

Most shops work with a handful of distributors and carry what they can get.  That didn’t really fit our model. So we’ve up-ended the process in two ways:

  • We’ve established our own distributor relationship with a company in Vermont that is trucking pallets of amazing Vermont cheeses (the epicenter of the American cheese movement) to Denver. Think cheeses you can’t get at any other store in Colorado, and many this side of the Mississippi.Like what? How about Slyboro from Consider Bardwell farm in Vermont.  It’s a delicious washed rind cheese made with Vermont cider.More importantly, it is usually only available in Vermont in New York City.  That’s pretty much what we are all about.   We’re going to find amazing cheeses and artisan food products and be the first to bring them to Colorado.  Same for Kashar, a Provolone-style cheese from Parish Hills Creamery, also in Vermont, that will be in our opening case.
  • We’re dealing one-on-one with dozens of small food producers. The quick-and-easy way to stock a store is to pick a couple distributors and carry what they offer. But when we started to plan our opening inventory, we weren’t happy with our choices.  So we spent those extra weeks on the phone with dozens of small food producers around the country, ordering their products directly. We’ve got some amazing finds.  Such as
    • Jojo’s Siracha, the “thinking man’s Sriracha” made right here in Denver but covered by pretty much every national media you might read (foodie or mainstream).
    • Chunky Pig Love – an addictive (seriously) bacon caramel popcorn that we dare you not to finish he bag.
    • Chili Crunch – literally the most addictive condiment we’ve ever had—crunchy, smoky, just the right amount of heat. We are literally putting it on EVERYTHING.  We discovered it in California and were surprised, but excited, to learn it was a Colorado product.

We could go on and on…Hellimaes, Modern Gingham, Primo, Real Dill, Delicousness, OO Mommie, MM Local, Merf’s Hot Sauce, Vibrant Veggies, The Good Jar, Yai’s Thai, Let Thy Food.

And those are just the Colorado companies.  Beyond our state’s borders, we have some delicious foods including Kim Kim Sauce, Butter & Scotch’s Dark & Stormy Kettle Corn, Skillet Food’s Bacon Spread, Boat St. Pickles, Three Little Figs Pigs Chutney, Empire Mayo, Jar Goods Pasta Sauce, and a dozen more. In fact, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

These are all artisan food producers we are working with directly so we can bring them to Denver and share their stories.

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