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Four Ways to Treat Mom

Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day is next Sunday.  Are you ready? If not, we have four simple ways you can make mom feel special.

1.  Bring Her to Our Cheese+Bubbles Class

Bubbles+Cheese Class Facebook
If you ask us, bubbles go with everything. And cheese is no exception. But some cheese and bubble pairings are truly extraordinary.

Treat Mom to a special day with our Mother’s Day Bubbles+Cheese class. Whether you want to learn how do your own pairings, or you just want an excuse to come eat two of life’s great pleasures, this is a class not to miss.

Saturday, May 7, 7:30-9 pm.  Tickets are available at http://ow.ly/4n2z23.



2. Give the Gift of Chocolate

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Gift BagWhat mom doesn’t love chocolate?  It’s the ultimate health food if you ask us (as long as you go with the good dark stuff).

We’ve curated a collection of four of our favorite artisan bean-to-bar chocolates and have packaged them in a ready-to-be-gifted bag.

By the way, if you are a chocolate lover, or would-be chocolate lover, our friends at Denver-based Choco Rush have put together a great “Chocolate Tasting Guide.


3.  Share a Cheese Plate and Some Wine with Her

We all know that what mom really wants is to spend quality time with her kids.

Bring her in over the weekend and tell her how much you appreciate her over a cheese and salumi plate and glass of wine at our communal table. Because we love moms, if you bring yours in, we’ll give you 10% off.


4.  A Food Lover’s Gift Box

Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Chances are mom has enough stuff.  Give her the gift of artisan food.  We’ve made it easy by pre-packaging some of our favorite cheeses and cheese-friendly condiments.  For $59.99 you can get one of our trademark wooden cheese boxes filled with:

  • Three Cheeses:
    • Alpenzeller, a classic Alpine cheese with fruity, spicy notes.
    • Memento, an ash rind, bloomy rinded cheese with a creamery center from Poor Orphan Creamery in Montana.
    • VSOP Two-Year Gouda. We think of aged Goudas as the candy of cheese – the deep caramel notes just make us happy.
  • Award-winning, handcrafted Z Crackers from Brooklyn
  • Mitica Fig Jam (the classic cheese companion)
  • Lara’s Cuisine Balsamic Red Onions (one of our favorite cheese accompaniments) made by Lara and her husband Guiseppe, first generation Italian immigrants who brought this amazing condiment to the U.S.
  • Woodblock Chocolate Dark Milk Bar.  This completely addictive bar from a Portland bean-to-bar chocolate company combines the health benefits of dark chocolate with easy-to-eat (a lot of) milk chocolate.

Or empower her and give her a gift certificate and let her pick out her own delicious treats.

Because we love and appreciate our moms, all moms get 10% off on Mother’s Day! 

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