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Fancy Food Show: Disneyland for Foodies

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Fancy Food Show

FancyFoodHere in Denver, we are lucky to be surrounded by some amazing food artisans. We love seeing them every weekend @thebigwonderful and all the fun foodie markets around the city.

Yes, we’re talking about you Yai’s Thai, Dram Apothecary, Babette Bakery, Red Camper Jam, Tender Belly to name a few.

But in July we were lucky enough to go to the Disneyland for foodies…the #fancyfoodshow by @craftcarejoy (Specialty Food Association).

All we can say is WOW!  It’s actually not our first visit there, but we’d forgotten how much food there was.  How much tasting we would do (we didn’t train/fast sufficiently) and how many amazing stories we’d encounter.

Like the 6th generation maple syrup maker who is partnering with Pappy Van Winkle (@orvwdistillery) to make an amazing blend that honestly could be used  in a hundred ways.

And then there were the guys from Tennessee making duck fat caramels!

Duck Fat Caramels from Oliver & Sinclair

Duck Fat Caramels from Oliver & Sinclair

Yep, duck fat caramels. @oliveandsinclair gets credit for that one.

But honestly we could go on and on with all the amazing flavors and artisans we met over 2.5 days and what felt like 25 miles of trade show floor.

Who knew that eating could be “work.” But that’s really the point at the end of the day.

We tasted a thousand things so we could bring the best two dozen to Denver.  We found things that you won’t find in other stores, and that’s really our point.

Come to the store.  Find new tastes and we’ll be happy to tell you the stories behind the flavor.

And if you want a peak into what it’s like to go to the Fancy Food Show, check out our short video.   http://bit.ly/C-and-P

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