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Cheese Tourism: The Boston Edition

Cheese Display

My year in cheese tourism starts with destination Boston where armed with an iPhone and a curated Google search page, my wife Kim and I set out to walk from one end of Boston to another exploring cheese shops.  The trip reminded me of our trip to Paris where we agreed to a “no museums” rule and spent a week working  our way through foodie destinations across the city.

On our second stop of the day, I discovered what has to be one of the best cheese shops in American – Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.  The shop is a warren of rooms with perhaps the most extensive cheese collection I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s a bit overwhelming but in that good way “Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory” kind of way.

It’s at the opposite end of the spectrum of Little Vine in San Francisco, my other “favorite in the U.S.” shops, in scope, but what it lacks in restraint, it makes up for in creating endless opportunities for discovery.

Here are some mouth-watering pictures from the trip.  Other stops included: Formaggio Kitchen South EndAmerican ProvisionsBee’s Knees Supply Company and about a half dozen others.

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