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Celebrate with American Cheese

IMG_2192Fourth of July is about three things in our house: friends, fireworks and food. We can’t help with the first two, but as far as the food goes, we believe EVERY party is better with cheese.

And since we’re celebrating the birth of the nation, we suggest you add some American artisan cheese to your menu. We’ve got Denver’s best selection of farmstead American cheeses, many of which have taken gold at the Cheese Oscars (yes, there is such a thing).

The American artisan cheese landscape is hotter than ever.  U.S. farmstead and artisan cheesemakers are going head-to-head with centuries old European cheeses and taking home gold medals.  Last year, they shipped more than 1,800 cheeses (24,000 lbs) to the awards competition!

Whether you are looking for some blue cheese to add to your burgers or some Alpine-styles to melt on top or just a selection to make a summer-inspired cheese tray, our trained cheesemongers can help you select the perfect cheese.  And they can make wine recommendations.

Some of our favorites include:

Harbison by Vermont’s Cellars at Jasper Hill.  Not only is this a Gold Medal winner at ACS, it was also named best cheese from America at the World Cheese Awards. This is one of those “cut-the-top off and eat it with a spoon” ooey-gooey cheeses.

The Stag by Wisconsin’s The Artisan Cheese Exchange.  An American original.  Think cheddar with toffee and butterscotch notes.  It’s taken Gold at both ACS and the International Cheese Awards. 

Flory’s Truckle by Missouri’s Homestead Creamery.  This is an old-world cheddar made in America. It’s bandage wrapped as was traditional in England.  It’s got bold flavor without the sharpness of some cheddars.

Providence by North Carolina’s Goat Lady Dairy. This washed-rind cheese was inspired by Italian Taleggio but is a true American original.  It’s keeps the bready flavor, but it’s denser and drier than a classic Taleggio.  Honored by ACS and the prestigious Good Food Awards.

Grill Your Cheese!

Usually when you talk about cheese and grilling it involves putting cheese on or in some sort of meat. But it doesn’t have to.

BarbacletteMeet the Barbaclette.  This awesome gadget lets you grill literally any cheese.  Think a rich Brie, a mushroomy washed-rind cheese or a pungent blue cheese.  Then you can pour that grilled, melted cheese on everything.

We’ve used it to jazz up grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes, nachos and even fruit for a dessert.  Gorgonzola Dolce with figs or grilled peaches with Brie are delish!  Stop by the store and pick up a Barbaclette and wow your guests with a new party trick!

Grilled Halloumi Skewers

Grilled Halloumi Skewers

Grill Up Some Halloumi.  Haloumi is a semi-hard and brined Mediterranean cheese that is sturdy enough (and has a high enough melting point) to go directly on the grill (or even in the fryer).  Think mozzarella, but with a saltier flavor.

You can either cube it and put it on skewers or just cut it in “steaks” and grill it directly.  It’s a terrific vegetarian option for your party.  Here are some recipes if you want to get fancier:

Cheese Block Party

July 26 – Mark Your Calendar

In July, the American Cheese Society Conference will be here in Denver and since some of the best cheesemakers in America will be in the Mile High City, we decided to throw a Cheese Block Party in our courtyard.

From 1 pm – 4 pm on Wednesday, July 26, you can come taste cheese, charcuterie, small-batch foods (jam, sriracha, pickles and more) and beer and wine, and you will get to meet the makers behind these award-winning producers.  Best part? It’s a free event (minus the beer and wine, of course).

Cobbler’s Square Open-Air Markets

Local Vendors, Makers, Music and More

On the last Saturday of July (29), August (26) and September (30), the merchants at Cobbler’s Square are hosting open-air markets in the courtyard.  We’ll be bringing in some of our favorite “makers,” including jewelry, pottery, fashion and food.

Enjoy music, interactive experiences and more and support some local artisans. A list of confirmed vendors for each market, as well as other special events in the courtyard, is available on the Cobbler’s Square Facebook page.

Mark Your Calendars

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