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And the Winner Is…..

By February 28, 2016 Monthly Cheese Club No Comments

We love the Oscars!  Ok, we’ll be honest.  Thanks to the whole “startup thing,” we haven’t actually seen many of the movies nominated this year.  But that won’t stop us from putting out a cheese-inspired spread on Sunday night and inviting friends and family over.  We’re just hoping they can fill us in on what we missed at the cinema the last 12 months.

In the spirit of the Oscars, we’re going to feature some award-winning cheeses at our celebration.  Here are our suggestions.  More importantly, they are all 10% off this week/weekend. Avonlea

  • Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar.  Made by Cows Creamery on Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Canada, it was awarded best vintage cheddar in the world and one of the top 16 cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards.  Held in England, the competition featured 2,727 cheese from around the globe.  (That’s Steve in the picture showing Avonlea some love.)Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar is made from milk comes from small local farms around PEI. Since no point on the island is ever more than 20 miles from the sea, the salt air and iron-rich red soil combine to add flavor to the cheese.  Wrapping the cheese in cloth protects and shapes the cheddar while keeping it moist as it ages for at least a year.
  • Harbison.  This spoonable, soft-ripened cheese was also a big winner at the World Cheese Awards. It too was named one of the top 16 cheese in the world and the Best American Cheese.  Each wheel of cheese is wrapped in strips of spruce that are still harvested by hand near the woods of the cheesemakers, Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farms.
  • Rogue River Blue.  Closer to home, the Good Food Awards were just given out last month.  These awards honor companies who have a reputation for making tasty, authentic and socially responsible products. This year’s competition featured 1,937 entries from across the USA.This creamy, nutty blue cheese was named one of the top cheeses.  It’s made each year starting in the fall with richer, late-season milk. It’s wrapped in grape leaves soaked in pear-brandy made by a nearby producer.  We like this one with a strong barleywine or ale.

Oscar-Worthy Cheese Recipes

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